What does Microsoft know about you?

Just what does Microsoft know about you? Let me show you how to find out. The first step is to follow this link: https://account.microsoft.com/account/privacy.

Then, sign in to your Microsoft Account.


This page will open.


Let’s start by clicking on the Activity History tab.

activity hisotry.jpg

You’ll be able to view your stored activity data. All activity is listed by date in the panel to the right.


You can also break data down by type. Let’s start with Apps and services. Here it shows the programs and services that I’ve used recently.


I can clear individual bits of information by clicking on clear or clear all of it by choosing Clear activity.


Voice will show your recent voice commands and searches and Search will display your recent searches in the search box.


To remove the data, click on Clear activity.



Next, comes your Browsing history. Your Edge search history is sent to Microsoft, if you have browsing history turned on in Cortana. If you have Search History turned on in Edge, that data is also saved.


You’ll be able to see all of your saved browsing activity. Just click Clear activity to clear the saved information.


Media will display any media played from Microsoft services and Locations will show any location services you’ve had active.


Choose Clear activity to remove location information.


Tomorrow, I’ll show you how to create a copy of all that data to download.

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