What does Microsoft know about me? Cortana’s Notebook

This week, we’ve been exploring how to look into just how much information Microsoft has about you and how you can download or clear that information.

Click here to learn what type of information Microsoft has.

Click here to learn how to download a copy for yourself.

Today, I’ll show you how to find the information stored by Microsoft through your interactions with Cortana, the digital assistant in Windows 10.

Start by following this link and logging into your Microsoft Account: https://account.microsoft.com/privacy/cortana.   Make sure you click the tab for Cortana’s notebook.


You’ll find a list at the left of all the categories in Cortana’s notebook where you might have stored preferences.


For example, my preferences for information about traffic and commuting are for driving information as opposed to public transportation schedules.


I have favorite teams selected under sports updates.


To remove an individual preference, I can just click the x next to it.


Or you could choose to clear all of the data in Cortana. This can affect some of your services.


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