Marzipan Museum

Who knew almond paste could be so interesting? It’s no secret that I’m a big-time foodie who really enjoys playing around with cake decorating in all its forms but what the confectionary artists at the Niedregger Marzipan Museum have managed to accomplish absolutely blew me away!

This museum in L├╝beck, Germany, features incredibly detailed and lifelike sculptures that depict the history of the area and its history of Marzipan production all made entirely out of almond paste. Scrolling through the gallery of photos it’s hard to believe they’re made out of food.

You’ll also get a fascinating history of the product and how Lubek became the hub of Marzipan manufacturing. Marzipan started out as something strictly for consumption by royals but became a mainstream product when sugar became more widely available. The Niederegger company still uses its original 1806 recipe to make marzipan.

Learn all about it and how you can arrange a visit by following the link:

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