Understanding System Tray

System Tray is one of those terms you’ll hear often when reading Window directions. But it can also be one of those terms that not everyone understands. So, I thought I’d go over the basics.

System Tray refers to the area of your Windows desktop just to the left of your clock.


You’ll find icons for functions like sound and Internet connections.


Just click on an icon to see your options. Clicking on the network icon let’s you have a look at the status of your connection.


If I click on Sound, I can adjust the volume.


If I right-click on the audio icon, there are even more options. The available options will depend on the icon, so feel free to explore.


Which icons are displayed will depend on how you have your taskbar set up. To see all of your options, click the arrow on the taskbar.


Then you can see all of the available icons.


You can click and hold an icon and drag it to the Taskbar.



You can also move an icon from the Taskbar by clicking and dragging it back into the box.

To customize what’s shown in System Tray, type Select which items appear on the Taskbar into the search box and click on the results.


You can down the list and turn


Icons will appear or disappear from the Taskbar based on those changes.



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