How to Study

Need to bone up on a subject? Have a big test to study for? You’ll want to check out the Ultimate Study Guide. It’s a great resource for you or the students in your life.

The guide is broken down into 11 sections:

How to Prepare for Success
Create Your Perfect Study Space
Pick a Study Method that Works for You
Effective Study Skills
How to Study More Efficiently
How to Study for Tests
Memory Improvement Techniques
Top 10 Study Hacks Backed by Science
Best Study Apps
Study Skills Worksheets
Key Takeaways

There are clickable links that allow you to skip steps that don’t interest you or to revisit the ones you think are worth a second look. You’ll learn everything from what to eat as a snack to the best kind of music to power your brain and how to avoid the biggest distractions. Plus, tips for improving your memory.

It turns out that the same methods don’t work best for everyone. This guide helps you select the study strategy that’s right for you. One piece of information I found interesting was that switching up your study locations helps you retain information. I’m sure you’ll find a lot of helpful information as well. Click the link to check it out:

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