Did you know there’s a one-stop site where you can check out all of the information that Microsoft has about you? That includes information about Windows users, Xbox accounts, and browser data.

Here’s how to access and control it. Start by going to this site: https://account.microsoft.com/account/privacy

Then log into your Windows account.


Scroll down to views your Edge browser history, Bing search history, and location information. You’ll also be able to clear that information.


Keep scrolling to check out and clear your voice activity, media activities, and other product activities recorded by Microsoft.


For example, here are my recent voice commands to Cortana.


Keep scrolling to find information on additional privacy settings and how to access them. You’ll find clear instructions, links to additional resources, and contact info in case you have more questions about privacy.


This page is a very helpful one-stop center to manage all of your privacy settings.