Now’s a good time for Facebook users to take a closer look at the apps and websites they’ve granted permission to view their information. You may think you haven’t granted permission for any apps to look at your info. But if you’ve played a game, taken a quiz, or entered a contest, there’s a good chance you have. Let’s learn how to check.

Start by opening Facebook, clicking on the drop-down arrow at the top-right, and choosing Settings.


When the Settings section opens, click on Apps and Websites on the left-hand side.


To the right, you’ll see all of the websites and apps that have access to your Facebook information.


Click on View and Edit underneath the name of the app or website to see the types of permission each app or website has.



A window will open detailing the permissions. You may see the option to turn individual permissions off and on. Click Save to keep your changes.


To remove app and website permissions, tick the box next to the app or site and click Remove at the top.


Don’t forget to click on Instant Games to check any permissions given.


You’ll be able to check and remove the permissions following the same steps you used for Apps and Websites.