Sticky Notes stuck in dark mode

A reader was trying out the new and improved version of Sticky Notes in Windows 10 and ran into a problem.  (If you haven’t read about the changes to Sticky Notes, click here to learn more.)

“Here is my sample of Sticky Notes. I don’t know what I did to create this black background.”


“I went back to where I had to choose Account to sign in for the Windows improved sticky notes.  That is where I found the setting for light or dark, or windows mode. I assume if I sign out at this point I will go back to the regular sticky notes program that was already installed on my new WIN 10 desktop.”

This is the regular Sticky Notes program that’s preinstalled with Windows. It’s just been updated to have a few new features along with the rest of Windows. Sounds like you just switched the settings to the Dark mode. You can change that by clicking on the Settings gear.


Then choosing either Light or Use my Windows mode. Choosing Use my Windows means the appearance will change depending on whether you use light or dark modes for Windows 10. Signing in or out of the account has no bearing on the color, only if your notes are synced between devices.




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