Do I have a Google account?

A reader has a question about a Google account.

“I’ve just in the last year “grown up” to a smartphone. I choose not to use Facebook on my phone. I do not have Gmail. I do not have a Google account that I’m aware of. I had to allow Google Something to activate some things on my phone, I don’t remember what, but I agreed, and after I did that, I got an email giving me a Google authorization code. Can you please help me untangle this? Do I have a Google account? What is the authorization number for? I use the phone primarily for texts and weather and often the ask Google shortcut. Thank you for trying to understand the questions I’m not even sure I’m asking.”

Here’s the deal. If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, you have a Google account. How do you know if it’s an Android? If it’s not an iPhone, it’s an Android, and you have a Gmail address and a Google account.

Most likely you were either authorizing the Google Play store in order to be able to download apps or setting up two-factor authentication of some type for your phone. Your log-in for the Google Play store and in order to be able to back up your phone should be your Gmail address.

To learn more about your Google account, open Settings on your phone.


Then scroll down to Google settings.


Under Account, tap on Google Account.


You should see your name and your Gmail address.


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