How to uninstall a printer

If you’re no longer using a printer or perhaps want to uninstall and reinstall it because it’s acting up, you’ll want to make sure you completely uninstall it. Let’s check out how to make it happen.

First, type Printers and scanners into your Windows 10 search box and click on the results.


The list of printers installed on your PC will open.


Click on your printer and choose Remove device. Then follow directions from Windows to remove the device. It won’t take long.


Uninstalling the printer will automatically uninstall the drivers. But there may be additional software that came with the printer that also needs to be uninstalled.  Type Apps & features into your search box and click on the result.


Apps & features will open.


Scroll down and look for software associated with your printer. It will most likely have a name that mentions the brand of your printer.


Click on Uninstall and follow any directions from Windows to complete the process.


That should take care of uninstalling the hardware and the software.

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