Here’s a quick tip about who is able to see what you or someone else posts on Facebook. The quick way to tell is to look at the top of a post, just under the name of who posted it and next to the date.


You’ll see an icon that indicates the audience for the post.


Hover over the icon to see what it means.


If you made the post, you’ll be able to click a drop-down arrow to see all of the audience options.  The default setting for most accounts is Friends.  That means your Facebook friends can see it (and maybe their Facebook friends depending on your privacy settings).  You can also switch to Public. That means everyone can see it. Even those without Facebook accounts. A reason to make something public is so that other can share it. So if you had something for sale or a missing dog, you might want to make the post public.


Now, let’s click on More and explorer how you can customize these options. We’ll start with Friends except.


There are several reasons you might want to exclude a friend from a post. Maybe it’s about spiders and you know they are scared of spiders. Maybe you’re surprising them by coming into town and don’t want them to see the photo you posted of your trip. Maybe you know this person likes to keep it clean and some of your posts aren’t safe for work. Maybe you’re friends with two folks who’ve split up and you’d like to spare them seeing photos of you hanging out with their ex. Type in the name of the friend and click on them or scroll down and choose the person you want to leave out from the list. Then click on Save Changes.


The Audience icon will now look a little different. The second little person is fainter.


Click on Specific friends and only those friends that you select will be able to see the post. REasons for just selecting one or a few friends to see something is that it might be something that is only of interest to them.


The next option is Only me. That means that you and you alone will be able to see the post. Below that, you can click the See All button for another audience choice.


If you’ve created lists based on relationships, work, or school, you can choose to only have those people see the option.

To instantly change your audience, just click that drop-down menu and make the change. When you’re viewing other people’s posts, you can’t change the status. If a post isn’t public and you share it, people who are not friends with the original poster won’t be able to see the post.