Guitar Genre

If you enjoying playing guitar or are thinking about picking it up, Guitar Genre is a helpful little site that gets beginners on the right track to learning the various styles of music.  Even if you’re an experienced player, this site offers helpful tips to understanding genres of music you might not be familiar with. Though I don’t play, I was fascinated to learn about the types of skills that go into making the music I enjoy listening to.

The featured styles are Rock, Funk, Reggae, Jazz, Metal, Classical, and Country. Click on the index to go straight to the style you’re interested in or read through all of the styles for a quick musical education.

You’ll learn what type of guitar works best with every style and what particular skills you need to work on whether it be fretwork or palm-muted playing. Plus, you’ll see examples of songs in each genre that give you an idea what the style is all about. Even if you don’t play, it’s a great place to learn about music.

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