Why do I have two desktops?

A reader is seeing some desktop confusion:

“I have had a curiosity going with my desktop for a long time and now I finally figured out what’s going on but need help to rectify it. I had some things saved to my desktop but when I looked for them they weren’t there even though it said that’s where it was being saved to. I finally figured out I have 2 desktops. One is C:\Users\(first 5 letters of my email address) \Desktop. The other one is OneDrive\Desktop. My desktop that I have when I turn on my computer is the OneDrive desktop. Is there a way I can change this so it is the one on my C drive and get rid of the OneDrive desktop?”

With Windows 10, you have the option of automatically backing-up important files, including your desktop, to OneDrive cloud storage. Here’s how to check it. Right-click the One-Drive cloud icon on your taskbar or click the arrow to see more to find it.


Choose Settings from the menu that pops up.


When the OneDrive dialog box opens, click on the Backup tab.


Next to Important PC Folders, click on Manage backup.


You’ll see the option to back up your Desktop, Pictures, and Documents. If you’d like to stop the automatic backup, click on Stop backup.


If you’d prefer to keep the automatic backup of your important files, just be cautious when saving and make sure to select Desktop under This PC and not Desktop under OneDrive. It’s really no different than making sure you choose your hard drive and not an external drive. Remember, with the backup on, anything saved to the desktop on your PC will be automatically backed up to the cloud.


If you’d prefer to hide OneDrive from File Explorer, you can right-click on it and choose Properties.


Click the General tab. Under attributes, choose Hidden. Then click OK. OneDrive will no longer appear as an option in File Explorer.


One other thought. The Desktop is usually not the best place to save items. Putting pics in the Pictures folder or Documents in the documents folder and videos in the Video folder is a much better way to instantly have a good idea of where a file might be.


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