Create an email shortcut in Firefox & IE

We’ve been learning how to create shortcuts to access your online email inbox this week.

So far, we’ve learned the tricks to creating shortcuts in Edge and Chrome browsers.

Click here to read the Edge Tip.

Click here to read the Chrome tip.

Today, I’ll show you how to create shortcuts for both the Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.

For demonstration purposes, I’ll use Gmail in this tip. But these steps would work for any email where you access the inbox by opening a browser and going online.

Let’s start with the instructions for Internet Explorer. Open your browser and go to your inbox.

Click and hold on the icon to the left of the web address. Then drag down to the taskbar. A translucent version of the icon will be visible as you drag it down.


When you get to the inbox, release the mouse.


You can also drag the icon to the desktop for a desktop shortcut.


Here’s how to do it with Firefox. Start by opening your inbox in the Firefox browser.

Look for the green padlock to the left of the web address at the top of the page.


Click and drag that icon to your desktop to create a shortcut.


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