The Kitchen Tools You Actually Need

It seems like I have tons of friends who are getting married or attending weddings, and so wedding registries have come up a lot in conversation. What exactly should you put on it? Is it okay if there are big-ticket items on it? Do you really need that pasta maker? 

Well, the good folk at Bon Appétit have curated a list of tips for putting together your wedding registry in regards to kitchen tools. However, after reading it over, this also looks like a great list for anyone who is setting up a kitchen. 

It starts out as you scroll down the page with six great tips for couples building their wedding registry before getting into the list divided into three sections. They are Big Ticket Items, Medium Ticket Items, and Don’t Even Wait For Your Registry, Get This Stuff Now. 

Big Ticket Items – this covers stuff like that stand mixer you’ve been coveting. My stand mixer broke recently, the glass mixing bowl shattered into a zillion pieces when it fell off the counter to the kitchen floor, so I’m feeling very covetous of people with stand mixers! 

Medium Ticket Items  – this covers stuff like mixing bowl sets, prep tools like mandolines, and immersion blenders. 

Don’t Even Wait For Your Registry, Get This Stuff Now – this section covers what they consider kitchen essentials like kitchen shears, locking tongs, and a cast iron skillet. 

Looking over this list, I can see places where I need to beef up my tools. For example, I don’t own a cast iron skillet or a mandoline, but I bet they’d both come in handy. And I feel like I could always use more wire racks.  

This a great list for couples getting married, people living on their own for the first time, or even seasoned kitchen veterans who may have missed that one tool that would make cooking easier.


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