Make a decorative line in your document

Here’s a quick trick for adding a little panache to your document. It’s a trick that works in Word, OpenOffice, or LibreOffice.  To add a straight line, type three or more dashes and press enter.


Want a double line? Try three equal signs and hit the enter key.


For a thicker double line hit three # signs.


In Word, if you hit three asterisks, you’ll get a broken line like this.


In LibreOffice and OpenOffice, it will just give you a medium thickness double-line


3 thoughts on “Make a decorative line in your document

      1. What could I be doing wrong? I opened a blank word document, typed some text then 3 dashes. Got the text and 3 dashes.

        Tried on a blank line and 3 dashes = 3 dashes. same with 3 = and 3 #

        Could there be a setting in Options that I do not have set correctly?

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