Cool a house without AC

I’ve shared tips for keeping cool without the benefit of an air conditioner before but what I think really sets this site apart is that not only does it tackle short-term solutions like an easy hack for turning your box fan into a makeshift air conditioner in an emergency, it also looks at long-term changes you can make to your home to stay cool naturally.

Did you know that where you place your fans at different times of the day can have a dramatic effect on the temperature inside your house? I sure didn’t. At least, not until I found this helpful site.¬†Even the colors you choose for your curtains or what type of soap you use in the shower can make a big difference in keeping cool.

There are more than 60 tips in all. Many of which I wish I’d known about back when I was growing up without air conditioning. Even though I have central air now, I still want to try some of these tips for keeping the house cooler in the summer and I’ll keep the emergency solutions on reserve for power outages and air conditioner breakdowns.

Give it a look and tell me what you think:


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