A reader wants to know if it’s necessary to get a new Facebook account due to some changes in her life:

“I recently moved to Arizona from Pennsylvania with my husband to start our retirement. When I moved I changed Internet providers and lost my old email address. Since we were staying in an extended stay hotel for a month before moving into our new house, I used my phone for my Internet and downloaded the Facebook App. I started a new Facebook, since I was in a different town and would have a new email address and was using it on my phone. My daughter says sending out new friend requests is confusing to my friends. But don’t I have to start a new Facebook if I have a new email or if I want to use it on my phone?”

Congrats on your retirement! And your move to warmer weather! The easy answer to all of your questions is NO!

But let me explain why. Your Facebook account will work on any device in any location in the world. Just log in with your usual username and password. If you were using the email address with your old Internet service provider for your Facebook, you will want to change that email address. I suggest getting an Outlook.com, Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL account that isn’t tied to any particular service provider. That way you can use it if you move or just decide to switch Internet companies.

Your daughter is right, sending out new friend requests could be very confusing. Getting a friend request from someone who is already your friend usually indicates that a scammer is trying to trick you. It might even cause some of your current friends to report you to Facebook. Technically, it’s against the terms of service to have two Facebook accounts, so I don’t suggest it.

So, no need for a new Facebook account with a new ISP, location, or additional device like a smartphone.