Recently, I introduced you to the fast, secure, and free Opera browser.

Click here to learn how to download and install.

Click here to get started with Opera basics.

Today, we’ll continue our look at Opera by heading over to the upper-right of the browser.


Click the arrow beneath the two-line icon to see recently closed pages, open pages, or go back to the Start page.


Plus your standard minimize, restore, and close optons.


Click on the Snapshot camera icon.


Choose to capture a full screenshot or to move the selection square and select a portion of the screen. Once you have it in place, click on Capture.


Click the Settings icon to get an Easy Setup drop-down menu.


Choose between a light or dark theme. Match your wallpaper on the Start page to your desktop or select one that’s included with the browser. You can add your own wallpapers from your files or Get additional wallpapers in the Opera store.


Scroll down to Appearance.  You can choose to use bigger tiles on the Start page by sliding the switch to the On position. You also have the option of turning off the Bookmarks bar, the Sidebar, and Speed Dial.  You also have the options to show News.


If you turn on News, you’ll see news headlines on your Start page.


Under Features you can choose to turn on ad blocking, install a Crypto Wallet, or turn on My Flow.  A Crypto Wallet is for holding virtual currencies such as Bitcoin. My Flow is designed for transferring items securely between your phone and desktop Opera browser.


Your next option is to change where files downloaded using the browser are saved. By default, they will go into your Downloads folder. You can also clear your browsing data.

opera downloads

Choose between clearing your history, cookies, or cached images.


Or choose the Advanced tab for more options like Passwords and Autofill.


To import passwords and bookmarks from other browsers, click on Import bookmarks and settings.


Select the browser and choose Import.


This is also where you can select Opera as your default browser.


Your final selection is Go to browser settings. We’ll explore those options tomorrow.