Record Tripping

Be warned this game is really addicting! A Bell Brothers game, Webby Award Winner, Record Tripping will put your mouse skills to the test!

What you’ll need to play is a mouse with a scroll wheel and a browser that allows you to enable Flash Player. The game uses the scroll wheel to move left or right, and you’ll hold the mouse button down to slow the flow down. It’s like being a DJ! And it’s your job to scratch or scrub the record to solve the puzzle. 

Once the game loads you’ll do a little tutorial so that you can get the hang of the mouse controls. 

Once you’ve passed the checkpoints for the tutorial you’ll begin the game. The first set of puzzles you need to work your way through are a set of barrel mazes. You’ll use the mouse to move the barrel and rotate it so the ball works its way to the end of the maze. 

Meanwhile, in the background you’re performing as a real DJ, mixing a track with a reading of Alice in Wonderland. Work your way through the chapters and try to get on the leader board with a high score!

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