Hide your birthday on Facebook

If you’d prefer to keep your birthday or birth year private on Facebook or only share it with certain people, you’ll want to check out this tip.

Click on your name and picture at the top of your feed to go to your profile page.


Then select About.


Scroll down to your birthday.


Hover over it and the option to Edit your contact and basic information should appear. Click on it.


Scroll down to your birthday information and hover to the far right to get the edit option.


To the right, you’ll see the icon to choose an audience for the information. Click on the arrow.


You can choose for the information to be seen by everyone, only friends, or only you.


Or choose Custom and select only certain friends or to exclude certain people from knowing your birthday. You can set the audience for your birthday and your birth year separately. So people could see that your birthday is June 5th, but not that you were born in 1972.  Don’t forget to save the changes.



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