An important email tip

Here’s an important email tip for those of you who have an email address through your Internet Service Provider.

If you address comes through a company like Comcast, Spectrum, or even a local company, you may want to consider getting an address with one of the bigger email providers like Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo.

Here’s why. If you switch providers, your email address generally goes with your provider and your account is shut down. That means no email address.

If you use a service like Outlook or Gmail, your email address isn’t affected by the provider. You can take it with you. You don’t have to do anything when you switch providers.

Even if you don’t use that account as your main account, it’s always good to have a backup email account or two at your disposal.

Gmail or Outlook is especially nice because both come with free online office suites and cloud storage at your disposal.


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