Hyper-realistic paintings of nature

I love realistic and what’s sometimes called hyper-realistic paintings. Hyper-realistic paintings are so true-to-life that you could almost mistake them for photographs.

The amazing work of List Ericson combines photo-realism with a fantastic take on nature. The images depicted on this site are from her Border Crossing series of paintings that depict animals, like turtles, migrating while carrying complete little eco-systems of plants and animals on their backs.


Many of the images harken to Native American creation stories I remember hearing over the years and I was absolutely enchanted with this series of breathtaking images. I immediately went looking for prints, but they were sold out everywhere.

I’m certainly not surprised that these gorgeous images of turtles, birds, plants, and animals would enchant others as much as they did me.

Scroll down the page and take these beautiful creations in. Frankly, I could probably spend an hour studying any one of these paintings. I know you’ll enjoy them.


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