A reader has a question about organizing emails using Gmail.

“After a folder in Gmail has passed its useful life (ie. a project you worked on 3 years ago, which has been finalized for a year), how can you get rid of that folder from your Gmail, but still keep it and contents for possible future reference?”

Gmail doesn’t really use folders. They use what are called labels. And the great news is that removing a label doesn’t delete the messages.

Let’s check it out.  Here, you’ll see that I have a label called “Save For Later” in my Gmail inbox.


Here’s a look at the messages under that label.


To remove the label, just hover over it in the left pane until you see the three-dot menu option. Click on it.


Choose Remove Label.


You’ll have to confirm that you want to remove it. As you can see, the confirmation message confirms that your email messages won’t be deleted.


See, here’s one of the messages I removed the label from safe and sound in the inbox. You can look it up by date, sender, etc…  Or even create a new label.