Can I combine bookmarks? Part: 1

A reader wants to know if she can combine and alphabetize her bookmarks from Firefox and Chrome.

“I have bookmarks alphabetized on Firefox and a non-alphabetized list on
Google Chrome.  Is there any way to combine the two in alphabetical order?”

Yep, you sure can. First, we’ll start with getting your Firefox bookmarks into Chrome and your Chrome favorites into Firefox.

Start by opening Chrome and clicking the three-dot menu icon at the top right. Then click Bookmarks from the drop-down menu.


When the Bookmarks menu opens, choose Import Bookmarks.


This window will open. Click the drop-down arrow.


Select the browser you wish to import from. In this case, Firefox.


Then choose whether you just want bookmarks or would also like other settings to be imported.


When you’re finished, just hit Done.


To import Chrome bookmarks into Firefox, open Firefox and then click the three-line menu icon.  Select Library from the drop-down menu.


Choose Bookmarks.


Pick Show All Bookmarks at the bottom of the menu.


This window will open, click on Import and Backup.


Choose Import Data from Another Browser.import-data-from-browser.jpg

Choose Chrome (or whatever browser you wish to import from) and then click Next.

import-from chrome.jpg

Decide which items you want to import and then click Next.


When the import process is complete, click Finish.


Tomorrow, I’ll show you the trick to alphabetizing your Bookmarks in Chrome.



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