Combine and alphabetize Chrome bookmarks

Yesterday I showed a reader how to import Firefox bookmarks into Chrome. You can click here if you’d like to learn how that works.

Today, I’ll continue the tip, by showing how to combine the imported bookmarks into a single folder and how to alphabetize that folder.

Let’s start by clicking the three-dot menu bar at the top of your Chrome browser and clicking Bookmarks from the drop-down menu. Then choose Bookmark Manager.


The Bookmarks Manager will open. As you can see, the various bookmarks are sorted into folders. But you can create a new folder to combine them in.


At the far right of the page, click the three-dot menu icon.


Choose Add new folder.


Name your folder (I went with Combined Bookmarks) and then click Save.


Click on any of your other bookmark files to open.  Use Ctrl + A to choose all of the bookmarks in the file or select them individually.


Then either copy/paste to copy or drag and drop to move into your Combined Bookmarks file. The bookmarks will now be all together in the same folder.


To organize alphabetically, click on the folder and then go back to that menu button at the top right.


Choose Sort by name.


Your bookmarks should now be sorted alphabetically.





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