Comparing Earth to other planets

My second grade teacher, Mrs. Woodward, turned me into a space geek with a two-week lesson in studying the solar system.  Then the TV show, Cosmos, came along and sealed the deal.

That’s why I love this amazing site that I found as part of Google Earth. This app will only work if you’re using the Chrome browser, though Google says they are working on ways to deliver the experience to other browsers. This site takes a unique look at our home planet from the point of view of a planetary scientist. It spotlights how Earth is similar to other planets and its differences.

Click here to get started.

I’d start by watching the introductory video. The scientist is speaking Japanese, but it’s all subtitled in English.


Start by clicking on the timeline.


You’ll start by viewing Earth from space and then zoom in.


You’ll learn how impacts from meteors and other space objects have shaped the landscape of Earth as well as other planets in our solar system.


As you click through the timeline, the 3D map will zoom in to show the features on Earth as well as other planets. You’ll learn fascinating facts about the solar system all illustrated with gorgeous images.  For example, did you know that Jupiter has its own version of the Northern Lights?  These and many other fascinating facts are waiting for you to explore.


Click here to get started.


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