Getting locked out of your email account is the worst. It recently happened to a reader.

“I’m locked out of my email account.  I’m not sure but I think my email got hacked. I was deleting the multitude of emails I get and I think I opened a hacker email by mistake. But since I have a hair-trigger pointer finger on the mouse I clicked it off before I could read it. I don’t know what to do now except do everything through Gmail. I have a business account with that doesn’t seem to be affected. I don’t know the details of the threat because I didn’t read it. I emailed that my account seemed to be locked. Now I’m red-faced because I’m usually more careful than this. Any advice would be appreciated.”

Oops! A hair-tricker clicking or tapping finger can get you into trouble.

Nine times out of then when you can’t log into an account, the problem is in the way the password is being entered. However, if you think you accidentally clicked on a malicious email, make sure to run a security scan on your device and to look for any recently installed programs, apps, or browser extensions that you don’t remember authorizing.

If you hit a situation where your password suddenly seems to stop working, start with the obvious. Make sure your device isn’t using autofill to put in an old password or the incorrect password. Check for simple stuff like an extra space, the caps lock button, or an extra symbol.  A period I couldn’t see kept me from logging into an account for a frustratingly long amount of time. Check the saved passwords on your browser or in your Windows credentials.  Also, try logging in with a different browser. Sometimes that works like magic.

Specifically, for, you can click here to reset a password.  

As long as you have the proper password retrieval information in place, you should be able to reset immediately.

You can also click here to check out’s help options.  Phone support is only available for those with premium accounts.