Control sounds and vibrations on your Android phone

Is your Smartphone just too darn noisy? Would you prefer it not make noise when you type or touch the screen?  Or is it the other way around? Would you prefer that it did make a sound to let you know when you’re selected and app or hit a key on the keyboard?

I’ll show you how to control the feedback you get from tapping the touch screen. I’m using a Galaxy S8 phone for this demonstration. Your phone should look pretty similar, but all models of Android are a little different.

Start by opening Settings on your phone. I swipe from the top, but you can look for the gear icon.


Then choose Sounds and vibration.


Tap on System sounds and vibration.


You’ll have quite a few options.  You can choose to hear a sound when you touch certain items on the screen, one if you lock or unlock the screen, and one when your phone starts to charge. Just slide it to the On position. The slider will turn blue when activated. If you don’t want noise when you touch the screen, slide it off.


If you’d like to hear sounds when you dial the phone keypad or when you type on the onscreen keyboard, slide the buttons to the On position. If you’d prefer to be able to do these activities quietly, slide them off.


You can also choose to feel a vibration when you touch the keyboard instead of or in addition to a sound. Many people find the vibration helpful for typing on the keyboard.







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