Alternative to Unzip files

A reader is looking for a program for unzipping files:

“Cyn, is there another program besides WinZip for unzipping zipped files? Preferably a free one? Winzip is charging now.”

The easiest option for unzipping files in Windows is to use Windows’ built-in tools for extracting files.

All you need to do is click on the icon to open File Explorer.


Locate the folder or folders you wish to unzip. Most likely, they’ll be in the Downloads folder. Then click to select.


At the top of File Explorer, Compressed Folder Tools will open.  If it doesn’t automatically jump to that tab, click on it.  Then choose Extract all.


Then select the destination folder for the extracted files and click on Extract. If you wish to see the extracted files when the process is complete, make sure to tick the box next to Show extracted files when complete.



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