One of the neatest things you can do with a smartphone is turn it into a mobile hotspot.

That means you can use it to generate a WiFi network that your tablet or laptop can use.

You might consider turning your phone into a hotspot if you’re traveling and there’s no WiFi to connect to. Or if you’d feel safer using a password-protected network generated by your phone as opposed to public WifFi.

Yesterday, I showed you how to do it with an Android phone. (Click here to read that article.)

Today, we’ll learn how to set it up with an iPhone. Start by tapping on the Settings icon.


Tap on Cellular or Settings.


Select Personal Hotspot.


Turn Personal Hotspot on.


To connect via WiFi, use the device you want to connect to find the network with your phone’s name. Then enter the password shown.


To share the connection via Bluetooth, pair the device with your iPhone.


Or you can plug your iPhone into your computer via USB and select the network with the your iPhone’s name from the list of available networks.