My PC keeps shutting off

A reader has an issue with a PC shutting down.

“I have the new Windows 10 and whenever I leave the computer on for a few hours when I’m NOT on it, it turns off by itself. So I have to turn it back on by turning the power strip off and back on, and also have to turn the PC back on. Is that normal with the new Windows 10, or is there a remedy for that?

Maybe I have to turn the computer off when I’m not on it. I usually push the sleep button when I’m away from the PC. But it still turns itself off. thank you for your help.”

Shutting down is not normal with Windows 10, so there may be some kind of issue happening.  My first thought is that your PC is having a hard time waking up when it goes to sleep.  I had an HP Windows 7 PC once that refused to wake up after it entered sleep mode. So let’s start by shutting off sleep mode and seeing if that has any effect.

Type power & sleep settings into your Windows 10 search box and click on the result.


Take a look at your screen and sleep options.


Click the drop-down arrow under Sleep and scroll all the way down to Never.


See if that makes a difference. If your computer is still shutting down, there may be a problem with heat.  If you’re using a laptop, make sure it’s in a well-ventilated spot sitting on a hard surface and not something like a sofa cushion. Check the vents and make sure they are clear of dust (or if you’re in my house, cat hair).

If you’re using a desktop, touch the tower when you find it shut off. Is it hot? Are the fans running?  Are any of the vents against a wall or blocked in any way?

Let me know if any of this helps.




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