Share printers in Windows 10

Windows 10 used to have a Homegroup feature that allowed you to share printers, folders, and photos with other users in your home. While the Homegroup feature has been removed, it’s still possible to share a printer on your primary PC or connect the shared printer to another PC.

Here’s how it works:

To share the printer on the primary PC, start by typing Printers and Scanners in your search box and click on the result.


Under Printers & scanners, click on the device you want to share.


Choose Manage.


Choose Printer Properties.


Click the Sharing tab.


Choose Change Sharing Options.


Tick the box next to Share this printer. You can also choose to rename the printer for sharing.

share-printer on

Now, you’ll want to connect the other PCs that will be sharing the printer. Go to Printers and Scanners and select Add a Device.  Select the printer you want to add from the list.


If you don’t see it, click on The printer I want isn’t listed.


Tick the box next toSelect a shared printer by name and follow the instructions for entering the name.




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