Holiday time means gathering with family and friends and that usually leads to copious amounts of picture-taking.

Here are a few tips I’ve found to be quite useful around the holidays.

Choose a designated photographer or photographers: You know how when it’s time to take a photograph, everyone pulls out their smartphone or camera to get their own copy of that family portrait?

One person ends up having nine phones handed to them? Or twelve adults crowd around one toddler opening up a present? There’s a better way to handle it. Since the images are digital, why not just designate one or two people to handle group photos or the present-opening? Or take turns taking photos.


The images are digital, you can send them to an infinite number of people in just a few seconds. Maybe choose the best phone photographer in the family or the person with the best phone camera. That person can then easily message or email photos to everyone else. Or maybe upload them all to a shared cloud storage folder that everyone can access.

Charge it up:  Make sure you have your charging cord with you or invest in a battery backup. You don’t want your phone shutting down in the middle of that video of your great-niece opening her first doll.


Clean your lens:  Clean your lens to prevent blurry pictures and to make sure your camera can properly autofocus. Clean the screen while you’re at it. A stick screen can be harder to control. Your best bet is a lens wipe made specifically for cleaning phones or cameras but some cleaning solution on a microfiber cloth or a cotton swab can work as well.


Make some space:  Make sure you have room on your phone or in the cloud for all those incoming photos and videos. You don’t want to have to hurriedly decide what to delete.  If your phone allows you to use a storage card, consider putting in a new one just for the occasion.