Help! I Can’t access my email!

A reader is in a panic because she can’t get to her email:
“For years I have used Yahoo Through the Edge browser. I like it. I updated my PC and Yahoo won’t work. I am only able to read mail thru Edge. I am not able to send or delete I have to access my mail via phone.  Over the 11 years online have made many folders one is emails from people you have passed I am sad mad. Is there a way to disable it please with my limited hand mobility this is hard. I can access my email using the Chrome browser.”
My guess is that it’s a pretty simple solution that likely doesn’t have anything to with you running an update or with Yahoo Mail. You probably just need to clear the cache in your browser.
Whenever any browser starts acting a little wonky and won’t let you do thing you’ve previously been able to do, it’s always a good idea to try clearing out the cache.
Here’s how to do it in the Edge browser. Press Ctrl + Shift + Del on your keyboard. Make sure you press the Shift key and not the Alt key as you do when you need to stop a process.
This screen should pop out on the right. Tick the box next to Cached data and files.
Then hit the Clear button.
Yahoo should return to working like it did before.
Note: Heard back from the reader and the solution worked.

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