Free audiobooks for your phone

If you’re an audiobook fan, you know they can be expensive to buy or to subscribe to with a service like Audible. The free LibriVox app for your Android or iPhone allows you to listen to tons of free audiobooks as well as purchase them.

I’ll show you how to download the app for an Android phone, though the process for an iPhone is similar. You just go to the Apple App store instead of Google Play.

For an Android phone, search for LibriVox in the Play Store. Then tap on Install.


Once the app installs, tap Open.


The home page of the app will show you options for Top Free and Top Paid audiobooks. Since we’re here to save some money, we’ll concentrate on the free books.


Keep an eye out for this tricky ad for the Audible App. You don’t want to accidentally download it.


Tap on Top Free for a drop-down menu that lets you browse by genres and authors. Or click More to see additional audiobooks to browse.


Tap the search box at the top to search by genre, title, or author.


When you find a book you like, tap to open.  You can read a synopsis and check out the reviews.


You can scroll down and start streaming the chapters.


Tap the three-dot menu icon at the top right for more options. This is an ad-supported ad, so keep an eye out for the little banner ads so you don’t get accidentally redirected away fromyour book.


You’ll find options like the ability to adjust the playback speed or download the book for offline listening. Tap on Add to new list to create your lists of favorites.


Tap on Preferences and you’ll see an option to buy an ad-free version of the app for just $1.99.




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