A reader is fed-up with Microsoft Edge:

“Cyn, is it possible, or even advisable, to uninstall Microsoft’s Edge? Even tho I’ve made Chrome my default browser, Edge and its partner Bing insist on using themselves as my search engine. I don’t like Bing. I’m using Windows 10, Version 1909 on a new HP all-in-one desktop computer that I just bought this fall, and Edge came with it.”

In a word, no. Much like Internet Explorer before it, Edge is a built-in part of the Windows operating system and can’t be uninstalled. But you may want to try this. Open up your default settings and scroll down to Set defaults by app.

set default by app.jpg

Scroll down to Edge. Click on it and choose Manage.



Even with Chrome as a default browser, you’ll see some types of files still default to Edge.


In some cases, you can click on Edge and get the option to change to your preferred browser.


Plus, Edge as we know it is going away early next year. It’s going be replaced with a totally redesigned browser built on… drumroll please… Google Chrome.