Apple’s “Find My Mac” feature has been around for some time. When activated, this feature allows you to find your lost or stolen computer if it’s switched on and connected to the Internet.

Thanks to a recent update, thieves no longer have to go online for you to locate your computer. With the recent update of the ‘Find My Mac” feature to “Find My,” you’ll be able to track down your device even if it’s asleep or offline.

Your device will now send out Bluetooth beacons, which are small bits of data. Here’s how to set it up.

Start by clicking the Apple icon on your Mac and choosing System Preferences from the drop-down menu.


Select Security & Privacy.


Choose Location Services.  If you see a padlock at the lower-left, click on it. Then enter your password.


Tick the box next to Enable Location Services.


Scroll down and tick the box next to Find My Mac. Then confirm that permission.


Click on Find My Mac and choose Options.


You can choose to have the ability to find your Mac when WiFi is active and also if you want to be able to find it using Bluetooth.


Tomorrow, I’ll show you how to track down your missing device.