Winter Wildlife Pictures

Welcome to the Winter Wildlife gallery at National Geographic.

I’ve been thinking a lot about winter. The weather here in Wisconsin has been toying with us! One day it snows, the next day it’s 60 degrees. It reminds me of spring in Ohio!

Since I was thinking about winter, I did some winter related searches. One of which was for winter animals, and I stumbled across this really lovely gallery of images of winter wildlife.


When you arrive on the page, you’ll start out on the Arctic Hare. You can use the arrows to navigate through the other nine images. My favorite by far and away are the Bighorn Sheep.

Beneath the images you’ll find a bit of brief descriptive text, the image title which tells you what animal is in the image, and for most of the images (but not the sheep I like) a link to get the image as a wallpaper for your computer’s desktop background.

This is an awesome gallery, go check it out today!


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