With the end of Windows 7 support, many PC users are faced with purchasing a new computer. But do you really need a computer?

If all you use your computer for is surfing the Internet and checking email, you may be able to get by with either a tablet or a smartphone. Many people do rely on a smartphone for everything, though some people find the screen a little small for comfortable browsing and viewing of videos.


If you’d like a larger screen, a tablet may be the answer and you can find a decent Android model for less than one hundred dollars. I’m particularly fond of Amazon Fire Tablets, which can be found for less than $50. Click here to check out a basic Fire tablet.


If you aren’t completely comfortable with typing on a touch screen, you might want to consider a device that offers the option of a keyboard case. Or there’s always a Chromebook. Chromebooks look like a laptop, but work more like a tablet. You can find them starting at around $200. Click here to check out a low-priced Chromebook.


Printing will require a wireless printer and a special app on a tablet or smartphone, so there will be a learning curve. If you haven’t been using a tablet or smartphone all along with your PC, there will be a bigger adjustment as you familiarize yourself.

And let’s not forget about Windows tablets, you can find one for around $200. Attach a keyboard and you’ve got a mini version of your Windows laptop. Click here to check out an inexpensive Windows tablet.


Again, this is if you primarily use your PC for accessing the Internet. If you require certain desktop programs the tablet or phone option might not work so well for you.