Did clearing the cache ruin my calendar?

A reader used our quick tip to clear the cache in Google Chrome and now she’s worried she’s lost some information:

“I used the control, shift, delete to clear the cache in Google. I think I may have destroyed all the information on my boss’s calendar. Is there any way to get it back.”

Clearing the cache in Chrome won’t delete entries from your calendar, much less one belonging to your boss. Even if you were on your supervisor’s computer and logged into their Google account that step wouldn’t delete calendar entries. The only way to clear a Google Calendar is to go into the settings.

Here’s what probably happened.  When you press Ctrl + Shift + Del, you’ll get options to clear cached files and images, the browsing history and cookies and other site data. Clearing cookies can sign you out of sites including calendars.  If that’s what happened, the data isn’t gone, you’re just signed out of the calendar. Once you sign back in, it should be available.


That should take care of the issue unless the calendar got erased through some other method.


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