Why are blocked emails still here?

A reader has a question about junk mail:

“I get a lot of emails in my junk folder and when I click on not junk the tab comes down that has block on it. I go thru every email and click junk but then it goes into my deleted folder. Does the block feature not work as I keep getting the same junk day after day. Any ideas about how to stop all this junk mail from reaching me, Some of it is offensive. I have a filter on but it does not stop it. If this feature does NOT work why does windows 10 have it?”


Actually, that blocked feature is working just fine. Blocking an email address automatically sends it to the junk folder so you don’t have to deal with it. That’s the same thing that happens when spam filters are applied. Items go directly to the junk or spam folder without passing Go or collecting $200.

Actually blocking an email is a little more complicated because you can’t block just an email address. Your mail provider would have to find the IP address and block it. But multiple senders can use the same IP address and spammers also sometimes conceal their actual IP address. Blocking email address you mark is a simpler way to remove the offensive material from your line of sight.

There’s really no reason to ever look in your junk folder, unless you think you’re missing important messages and want to check. Think of it as what it’s intended to be, a garbage can.



2 thoughts on “Why are blocked emails still here?

  1. Good morning, Cyn.
    Outlook on my PC occasionally sends incoming emails from folks on my Safe Senders list (like my wife) directly to the Deleted Items folder. Why is this happening?
    Your fan,

  2. I would suggest that you DO check your junk email folder at least once a week. I cannot tell you how many times I have found emails that should not be there in it. Many of which were/are important. So you should check it and then just delete forever those that you do not want to keep. Only takes a second or two.

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