How did you do this?

A reader has a question:

“I am in a local computer user’s club and would love for you to give a shout out to computer clubs in “Cyn’s Tech Tips”.  We provide hands-on learning with computers, tablets and smartphones.  All our members are seniors as younger people have exposure in daily life. Anyway, my question is….. In this image, how do you make the circles like you did in this picture?


I’d love to give a shoutout to computer clubs. In fact, if there are any clubs out there that are interested I have a special discount for computer club members.They can contact me by clicking here to find out about it. I used an old standby in Windows 10, MS Paint.  Here’s how I did it. Open your picture in Paint.


Select the color you want for the circle.


Then select the circle shape.


Click Outline and choose Solid color.


Click Fill and choose No fill.


Click the part of the image where you want to draw the circle and drag out the shape of the circle.


Keep drawing the circles. Then save the image.


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  1. Thank you, Cyn, for that excellent explanation of circling something in a jpg. I use Paint for adding type to a jpg, but that was the extent of my Paint know-how. Now I’ve learned yet another useful trick from you – thanks!

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