40 days of night captured with an iPhone

There’s no doubt that phone cameras are pretty amazing these days, and this site really highlights just how far the technology has come. Of course, there’s no discounting the incredible talent of photographer Amos Chapple who used an iPhone 11 set to Night Mode to capture life near the Arctic Circle.


Murmansk, Russia, a town of 300,000, experiences darkness 24 hours a day from December 2 until January 11. Chapple manages to capture scenes that make the frozen city seem both beautiful and eerie.


While it’s not completely black, high noon looks like twilight. The images range from a haunting scene of a shipwreck on an icy beach to a touching portrait of a man and his furry best pal. The images are striking enough on their own, but knowing they were captured with a camera phone might just inspire you to get out there with you own device to see what types of images you can capture.

Click here to check them out.

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