Chair Yoga Poses

I’m a big fan of yoga. I’ve been doing it for some time now and it’s really helped ease my issues with back pain. It’s also helpful for high blood pressure, headaches, arthritis, and managing stress. But the idea of starting yoga can be intimidating. I’ve found a great site for beginners and those with mobility issues. Very Well Fit offers a great chair yoga practice with step-by-step instructions.

I’ve taken chair yoga classes in the past and I enjoy them. This is a great session to try if you’re new to yoga or wary about balance issues. It’s also great if you just don’t feel like getting out of your chair. This is a great way to get in a little exercise right from your office chair.

The practice features 10 simple poses that can be done in a chair. You can check out pictures that demonstrate how to do each individual pose while offering a detailed explanation and also watch a video that takes you through the entire sequence.

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