43 Creative Ways to Dye Easter Eggs

Easter is still a few weeks away, but it’s a good time to get some ideas on how to change up your egg-dyeing game. This site offers ideas that use everyday household items and craft supplies for some amazing results.


Did you know you can use old silk ties and blouses for making incredible patterned eggs? I’ve actually tried that idea myself as well as the suggestions for using natural items like onion peels and red cabbage to create amazing colors for your eggs.


You’ll learn how you can use ordinary items like rice, oil, shaving cream, and margarine to create incredible effects. Did you know you can cook and dye eggs at the same time in your Instapot? Tips range from ultra-easy to some that might require a little bit of crafting skill. But they’re all doable and all fun.  Click the link to get started on your project today:



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