Enlarge Thunderbird Fonts

A reader is having a big problem with the font size in the Thunderbird email client.

“I got a new monitor and it changed my settings so small it’s hard to read. I have gone to many settings places but cannot find where to change my thunderbird listings. I can increase only if  I open the email. It’s hard to see what I have in my inbox.”

A new monitor doesn’t really change your display settings, but the size of the monitor may change the way things look when they are displayed. You could just increase display size overall on your PC. But if Thunderbird is the only issue, I have a hack that can help.

Try downloading and installing the theme and font size add-on. Start by opening Thunderbird, clicking the three-line menu icon, and selecting Add-Ons from the menu.


When the Add-Ons Manager opens, click on Get Add-Ons.


At the far right, click on Browse all add-ons.


Search for Font and Size Changer. Click on the result.


Click Add to Thunderbird.


Give permission for it to install.


When you open your Thunderbird inbox, look to the upper-right for the add-on.


Click to open.


You’ll see these options for increasing size.


Here I’ve increased Zoom to 150%


Let’s compare:


Note the difference in the size of file labels.


Hope this helps!


3 thoughts on “Enlarge Thunderbird Fonts

  1. Cyn, enjoy your emails. Liked the article about the TB update. I don’t do much alterations to the basic client. But I thought I would give this one a try. However, I have an issue. I am running version 68.7.0 and when I went to find the “Themes and Fonts (fixed)”, it said it was only for versions up to 65. But even before that, when I went to the 3 bars to go to Add-ons, and clicked on Add-ons, I had no menu choice to even go search for new add-ons. TB seems to work with no issues, so not quite sure why the option is missing. Let me know if you might have a fix for this. Thanks.

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