Flush the DNS Cache in Windows

If you’re having issues with a web page just not loading right, I may have a fix for you. Especially if that page seems to load without any issue for other people.

Try flushing the DNA cache.  Start by typing CMD in your search box.


Right-click on the result and choose Run as Administrator. Windows will then ask for permission to make changes to the computer.


Typeipconfig /flushdns  Note that there is a space before the slash. Then press Enter.


If you’re successful, you’ll see ‘Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.’ If it doesn’t say that, try typing again. Make sure you have that space before the slash.


3 thoughts on “Flush the DNS Cache in Windows

  1. Hi Cyn, it would be helpful when using an abbreviation to spell it out the first time. For example,
    what does DNS mean or stand for?
    Thanks for what your are doing for us computer neophytes.
    Don Kula
    Alexandria, VA.

  2. Cyn, is the DNS (Domain Name Server) cache the same cache as one clears by pressing CTRL SHIFT DEL ?

    I regularly have problems using Firefox for CPE webcasts even when I clear the cache using CTRL SHIFT DEL (I have to use Chrome). I also have problems with YouTube videos.

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