A reader has a question about the Domain Name Server cache”

“Is the DNS (Domain Name Server) cache the same cache as one clears by pressing CTRL+ SHIFT+ DEL?

I regularly have problems using Firefox for CPE webcasts even when I clear the cache using CTRL + SHIFT+ DEL (I have to use Chrome). I also have problems with YouTube videos.”

The two are completely separate things.  By the way, cache refers to a temporary storage area on a computer.

The DNS cache is for the Doman Name Server. DNS is a service that translates the name of websites into numbers.

Domain names are words since those are easy for people to remember and type. But the Internet actually functions based on numeric IP addresses.  My website could be http://www.yoursitehere.com but the IP address might be 192.837.640.1.

When you flush that, you’re clearing the DNS information from your PC.

When you press CTRL + Shift + DEL, you’re opening the menu that allows you to clear the cache for your browser program. It affects only that program by the way. Clearing the cache in Chrome won’t clear your Edge or Firefox browser. Each browser must be cleared separately.