How Do I Get Off Facebook?

A reader isn’t too impressed with Facebook.

How do I get off of Facebook? I got on there recently to watch a streaming Mass, but did not like all the other things that flooded the site. And I am not savvy on this electronic media so I’m lost. Thank you

The simplest option would just be to keep your account in case you want to watch something on it in the future and just don’t open it up until you need it. Just make sure to let friends know it’s not a good way to contact you.

When you talk about all of the other things that flooded your Facebook, remember that you have complete control over what sites you follow and who you friend.  If you’re seeing content you don’t appreciate, you can always unfollow sites, people, and groups you don’t want to see posts from.

It’s perfectly possible to be on Facebook without having a single friend. Plus you can also use privacy settings to make yourself invisible to everyone else on Facebook if you want complete privacy.

But if you’ve decided that Facebook just isn’t for you, click here for instructions on how to delete your account. 

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